refinery plant

Thorium Refinery Plant

The beneficiation of thorium from the mining of raw materials containing thorium to the final fuel product is of utmost importance to STL. STL has embarked on a programme to develop the technology to extract thorium from a REE concentrate and then to purify the material to a nuclear grade powder .....



The primary goal of the HTR fuel development programme at STL is to produce fuel spheres containing thorium and uranium for irradiation testing in the short term, as well as thorium and plutonium in the long term. Thorium based pellet fuels are being tested in the Halden Research Reactor in Norway with the aim of producing the data necessary for licensing of these fuels in the today's conventional reactors .....



The HTMR100 Reactor is a High Temperature Gas Cooled Modular Reactor. This Reactor can facilitate a variety of different fuels using the same geometry. The engineering maturity of pebble bed reactors, supported by experimental facilities, makes the HTMR100 as a Generation IV reactor licensable within the next few years. Gas-cooled HTRs (pebble bed and prismatic block) are the only ceramic meltdown-proof nuclear reactors currently available. .....


About Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited (STL)

Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited (STL) is a South African registered company in the business of developing and commercializing thorium as a clean safe energy source for the future. STL's business is therefore to develop the Thorium value chain from the point at which the thorium is mined to the production of thorium containing fuels.

In order to achieve this STL has identified the following steps necessary to achieve a cost effective beneficiation of thorium as a clean fuel: 

- The acquisition of thorium rights and resources 
- Thorium fuel qualification and licensing for use in PWR reactors 
- Thorium fuel qualification and licensing for use in pebble bed reactors
- Design of a 100MWth High Temperature Gas-cooled nuclear reactor 
- The manufacture of thorium and uranium fuels for LWR's
- The manufacture of thorium and uranium fuels for HTR's

STL owns:

-  The rights to the thorium at the Steenkampskraal monazite mine in South Africa,
-  A significant share in THOR Energy in Norway, where an irradiation program is underway to characterize and qualify thorium-based fuel  for deployment in Light Water Reactors (LWRs),
-  A completed concept design of the HTMR100,a 35 MWe (100 MWth) high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR).


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