Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine

Historical and Future Operations for Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine

The Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine is a high grade monazite deposit with an NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource of 605,000 tons at an average grade of 14.36% TREO for a total of 86, 900 tons contained TREO (including Y2O3). It also has a thorium measured and indicated resource of 12000 tons thorium oxide This is an existing mine that was originally operated through a subsidiary company of Anglo American Corporation from 1952 to 1963, producing a monazite concentrate that was sold mostly for its thorium content. However, Steenkampskraal monazite was also processed in the US and elsewhere, producing the full suite of rare earth elements, including heavy rare earth products.

steenkampskraal monazite mine

Significant amount of progressive work has already been done to restart the mine:

  1. Generators and Reverse Osmosis plant for water treatment have been installed. These will need to be slightly expanded for full mine operations requirement.
  2. The decline shaft has been refurbished and the winder and the winder house installed
  3. In additional to the jurisdictional mine site area of 474 hectares, surrounding farms of total area of about 6 990 hectares have been purchased as buffer zones for the mine operations.
  4. A very detailed Mineral resource estimate that is compliant with NI 43-101 requirements has already been done. The potential to further increase the resource beyond the current areas exists.
  5. An exploration permit for an area of 55,051.1 hectares has been granted
  6. Extensive work on mineralogical characterization of the ore and metallurgical testing has been done.
  7. An NI 43-101 compliant feasibility study report has been published with robust outcome for the business case.
  8. Comprehensive groundwater studies have been completed for the project. This has shown that groundwater supply from the farms owned by Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine is enough to meet the project water requirements. Three production boreholes will be used to supply water for the mine operations.
  9. Some office space buildings and other infrastructures have been put in place.
  10. Regulatory permits for Environmental and radiation controls for operations of the mine have been acquired.

This mine has now been acquired from GWMG by Steenkampskraal Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary. Steenkampskraal Ltd will progress to restart the mine for production of rare earth products and to complete value exploitation from the mine, thorium will be purified and processed into final form for nuclear fuel application.

steenkampskraal monazite mine



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